More than any other Greek product, olive oil has become synonymous not only with the Greek tradition but also with the Greek nutritional habits and culture. The Hellenes have always considered the olive tree to be sacred, since antiquity. Ever since - according to the myth - Athena, goddess of wisdom, offered to the citizens of Athens - the city that’s been named after her- the olive tree as well as the know-how for its growing cultivation. By that time, the olive oil tree is considered to be:
  • ...a symbol of peace and victory,
  • a source of good health and longevity,
  • a symbol of divine protection, faith, hope and love,
  • a sacred gift of inspiration and creation...
Olives have their roots not only deep into the Greek soil but also into Greece’s soul. Greek extra virgin olive oil is one of the best in the world. Olives have found in Greece their favorite place. Every drop of Greek extra virgin olive oil is distilled knowledge and wisdom.